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Quickly access multiple imported feedback documents.Open multiple feedback documents in a single drawing at the same time. Using the Autocad Import feature, you can import several feedback documents at the same time. You can work with these feedback documents with Autocad at the same time as you work on your drawing. For example, you can review the notes in one feedback document while you are drawing a water line in another.Access to imported comments also includes a link to the time and date when the comments were imported.Autocad Markup Assist makes it simple to add comments to drawings. Comments can be added to your drawings in a number of ways including:Using the Import feature to import multiple comments from paper or PDF documentsImporting comments as you draw in AutocadAutocad Markup Assist works seamlessly with the Import feature, so that it is easy to add comments as you import other documents. The comments are simply added to the drawing as a new part. Autocad Markup Assist also provides a preview of the text you enter so that you can see exactly how your comments will look before you save them.You can access and view all your imported comments at one time, and mark up existing comments from a previous drawing session, with this new feature. The new comments can be exported as a shapefile or XRef file.Layers:Suppress duplicates in multiple layers.You can manage your drawing in layers, and when multiple drawings are open at the same time, you can see which objects exist in which layers.Suppress duplicate objects in multiple layers.You can see all objects in all layers in a single view. It is easy to update a drawing in multiple layers because you are only working with the layers that you need to work with.You can edit the duplicates in the layers you want to manage, and apply the changes to all objects in the layers.Duplicate removal with a smart selection.There are two ways to detect duplicate objects.You can use the Duplicate Detection tool to detect duplicate objects. The tool can detect an object if you select the same object in two or more views.You can define your own settings using the Duplicate Detection Options dialog.You can use Edit > Select Objects to perform duplicate detection on a specific layer. With this feature, you select the objects that you want to move to 2be273e24d

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